Types of Teachers

We all those types of teachers that we don’t like so I’m just gonna name a couple that grind my gears


type #1: Overly Excited- those are the ones who love Mondays and is not afraid to show it, at times it get pretty annoying.

type #2: Lazy teacher- those ones who just give us a worksheet and say read the directions and answer the questions. I don’t know about you but I need some type of explaining for me to do this work.

type #3: Mr Rules- this teacher in force the rules a little too much, listing all the Code of Conduct rules EVERY SINGLE CLASS PERIOD it gets annoying after the first two days of school.

type #4: Substitute: everyone’s favorite excuse to not do work but when the teacher comes back saying we have a quiz on the worksheet we had to do everyone goes crazy and start FREAKING OUT.

type #5: The So Call Funny- this teacher thinks all their School Related jokes are funny and loves to laugh at themselves knowing that everyone else just think their crazy.

That’s all I can think about right now but if you know any more leave a comment and Follow my blog because I post constantly when a new idea pop in my mind.



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