1D Day!

Just Me

I’m soooo excited about #1DDay! I reallyy can’t wait! I’m curious about surprises! And I’m so excited about special guests. I think It’s going to be really funny and cool and just awesome! I can’t wait 5 hours! 😮 And to be honest I would really watch it 7 hours straight haha. I just love the idea of the whole fandom (1D Family ❤ ) watching it in the same time, like seriously It’s like we are all hanging out together, having a good time, like our internet party! haha :’D I’m wondering if we broke VEVO last time (for soml) what is going to happen if all of us watch 7 hours of livesteam? I really hope that VEVO or YouTube don’t crash. I’m going to cry if they crash! It’s like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, don’t you dare crash! And if boys do a…

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