We are the future, the Next as they say!


Hello Readers!

Here is a poem that I have written about how ‘we’ are the future. How we often judge too quickly, how our decision making is not always right, how we might sometimes work with anger, pick and choose with anger. But this is also about how we can transform the world. This is the time to wake up to the calling of the future. To save what we have inherited from our ancestors and preserve what we have borrowed from the generation that is yet to come.

Of the world, we know not much
But our education makes us judge
Judge every move, every turn
But when it is our chance, we run.

We glide, slide and ignore
What has been ruined, and ruin it some more
Every chance we get, we waste
Of life, we need to get a taste.

Every slippery road we travel
The truth…

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