Boy Band Headline’s #22


Boy Band Headline's #22

Today they are filming for the Brits, and personally I’m super excited because 5SOS are going to the Brits for the first time! Also One Direction are going to be there as well (obviously). Yesterday on Twitter, Lilo (Liam and Louis) kept tweeting things that ended in -izzle. Things like Fizzle, sizzle and bizzle. Honestly, I have no idea what they are on about. Also Madison Pettis followed me on Twitter. Yay! Anyway, back to the Boy Band news. The Wanted have released new art for their single cover. Go check it out! Also the most shocking news, Harry Styles went to an Arsenal game yesterday and he was wearing… A SUIT. He goes to an award show dressed like a rice farmer and a football game dressed like a Vogue model. Also Danielle Peaser is performing as one of the dancers for Ellie Golding at the Brits! If you…

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